Pop Killer


For one reason or another you may get an audio pop at the edit point or even within a clip. Most video applications allow you to edit video at the frame level. Final Cut Pro goes way beyond this by allowing audio edits as small as 1/100th of a frame.

  1. 1 Open the clip in the Viewer by double-clicking, and choose the Audio tab.
    2 Place the playhead over the click.
  2. Zoom in as far as possible by pressing Command + =. When zoomed in all the way, you’ll see a highlighted region that’s one frame wide.
    4 Hold the Shift key down, and drag the playhead. Park over the exact place where the pop appears.
  3. Use the Pen tool to add four keyframes in a row. The center two keyframes should straddle the audio problem. The outer keyframes are placed a few 100ths of a frame from the pop.
    6 Drag the inner keyframes down to –60 db. The unwanted noise should now be inaudible. The rest of the clip should sound unaltered.


Like this tip? It comes from the book
Final Cut Studio On the Spot from Focal Press.

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